Tip-Top-150x150Looking out on to the Kosuhui beach on the shores of Simpang Mengayau, is Tampat Do Aman’s restaurant Tip Top. Although separated from the jungle camp, there is a regular shuttle bus service that links the beach with the Jungle Camp accommodations. On the menu, Tip Top offers an explorative mixture of local Sabah food; Rungus, Malay, Chinese and familiar western dishes. Howard’s wife Lorina handles the kitchen with her staff of local Kudat ladies, where together they cook and exchanges culinary ideas and recipes with guest. It’s an intimate experience at Tip Top, where no one is left feeling like a stranger. Most of their ingredients are brought in locally from the nearby markets in Kudat, ensuring only the freshest produce used. Seafood dinners are also available with a prior’s day notice. Nevertheless, their priority in serving the environment is kept in the kitchens as well, as they only serve Open Ocean Pelagic fish. A wooden deck embraces the rays of day light and sunsets, as guest lay around and take in the beauty and peace of the Tip of Borneo. For the convenience of guest, a new restaurant is currently under construction at the camp site.




Ice cold cans of soft drinks
F&N fizzy orange
Citrus (Just like sprite)
Iced lemon tea
100 plus (a Malaysian isotonic drink)
100 PLUS Lime and lemon
Soya bean milk
Black currant and Aloe
RM 3.2o

Hot drinks

Plain tea with or without a slice of lime
Tea with milk and sugar, hot or cold RM 3.00

Tea Tarek (Malaysian’s favourite), hot or over ice RM 4

Hot Milo (Or over ice) RM 4.50

Kopi “o” plain local coffee, hot or over ice RM 3.00

Nescafe, hot or over ice RM 3.00

Collagen coffee
Super power ali café RM 4.00

Mineral water
Small – RM 2.00
Large 1.5 litre – RM 3.00

Fresh juices (Freshly squeezed, NO sugar added)
Seasonal fruits please ask our staff

Carrot, Honeydew Melon, Kasturi lime, Apple, Star fruit, Watermelon, Pineapple, Avocado, Orange, Mango RM 7.50

Create your own concoction
Any two juices – RM 8.50

Any three juices – RM 9.00

Tip top revivals, Need to be tried to be believed!
(Each line below is one, fantastic juice!)

• Orange, banana, honey, lime juice & ginger
• Carrot, avocado, orange & honey
• Pineapple, orange, ginger & cinnamon
• Papaya, ginger, honey, orange & lemon grass
• Carrot, orange, ginger & vanilla essence

RM 9.50

“A TT special”
Hot Lime, Honey and Ginger (Revitalising and bloody good for you!) – RM 8
(If you wanted to add a dash of the Russian good stuff to the above juices, we would be happy to help RM 8.50 per shot.)


RM 9.50 (each can)


A superb dry and crispy Pinot Grigio from South Eastern Australia: Bin Ends
A great accompaniment to any of our chicken or seafood dishes, but especially any of our daily fish specials.

RM 105 (per bottle) – Inclusive of taxes

A great Merlot from South Africa: Long Neck. A superb accompaniment with any of our meat dishes, but specially the Beef Rendang, the Burger and Spaghetti.

RM 105 (per bottle) – Inclusive of taxes

(Wine Corkage charges RM 45 PER BOTTLE)