Team building for groups and schools.

With 177 groups through our gates, so far, in seven years, we have a pretty well worn way of organising and looking after them to ensure that they get the most out of their stay with us.

We work with the groups to work out their needs and wants before they arrive, building a bespoke experience for all groups so that they get the most out of the experience as per their motivation and time with us.

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Tampat Do Aman can offer an array of activities to meet the client’s needs, whether it be undertaking projects to meet the needs of any business /company looking to undertake team building / corporate social responsibility or the community “give back” stage of a school’s Sabah expedition.

We also offer fun and different activities for staff / family outings all alongside our jungle trekking OR teaching our jungle survival course and spending a night or nights in the jungle.

All encourages the groups to work together for the better good, with team work and team building being the focus.

If you would like to find out more information and to start the ball rolling on a great adventure and experience with us …… hit the contact button on the website or E mail us on :

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