Opened in February 2015 these are set up to offer another level of accommodation, a step up from the Long House back packers style. We have three singles room chalets (four by the end of July) and two family style chalets, room for Mom and Dad and a room with two single beds in. All our chalets have en-suite bathrooms and are designed with big outdoor living space in mind so that you can enjoy the wanders of our gardens from your balcony. With the Rungus restaurant a mere twenty metres away too you can collect a coffee and a bite to eat and relax in your own private space whilst enjoying the natural surroundings.

Please note that in keeping with the environmental issues there is No Air-conditioning available, each room is designed with high ceilings and a fan so that air circulates freely and the rooms are cooled as such, this works well and we are sure that you will love them.

Long House and Little huts

Our own love and labour of creating the ultimate experience of the jungle, our traditional longhouse and individual tented huts allow you to have a night’s sleep with the jungle singing you a lullaby. Each of our rooms is for two people and each room/hut comes with a very comfortable mattress, mosquito net, light and fan. We are basic but comfortable. Our sustainable sanitation is unique to this area and has allowed us to educate locals to the benefits of resourceful and considerate waste management. These practices have been adopted from Designs of International recognition and just adapted to suit our environment.