Situated 159 km from the capital city of Kota Kinabalu in the northern-most tip of Sabah in the district of Kudat, is Tampat Do Aman, an intimate nature escape. In the native Rungus language Tampat Do Aman means a place of peace, or a place of friends, the place itself stretches on a 6 acre land resting on the only road leading up to the tip of Borneo and its pristine 10 km coastline; a gateway to eight world class beaches. Their 6 acre of land in the Kudat district is divided into two segments; the Jungle Camp accommodations and a Nature Reserve, home to a wildlife sanctuary. Howard Stanton, his wife and their team of locals, manages Tampat Do Aman with a vision of presenting guest with the best of two worlds whilst preserving the culture of the native Rungus in Kudat. They combine the pleasures of traditional accommodations in the midst of great jungles, with picturesque beaches on your backyard. Together, they offer guest the ultimate Borneo experience.

 TDA began its operations in March 2011. This company has a strong belief in supporting the local community and this we see as paramount to our success. Coupled with this is the preservation of this beautiful pocket of the world with other priorities being: Creating local employment, Maintaining the principles of sustainability, Encouraging the vision of sustainability locally.

We work closely with the village of Marang Parang, a large proportion of the profits are channelled through the village, ensuring a higher standard of living for the village and encouraging education for the villagers.

New on the horizon is our activities centre which will provide a “one stop shop” for booking your activities: Jungle trekking, Mountain biking, Jungle survival courses, Mangrove cruises, surf board hire, surfing lessons and possibly some activities with the locals that will give you an insight into their lives and traditions.

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