Get out and enjoy the splendors’ of the Jungle surrounding the Tip Of Borneo,

Tampat Do Aman has set up a number of great trails, all starting from its accommodation base / Wildlife education centre, thus making the jungle accessible to all. Let one of our guides lead you on an educational tour of the jungle, explaining the medicinal and edible plants as you saunter through the jungle. You will be amazed at what you see and learn!

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1. 1.5 hour early morning walk (starts at 7am) – RM60/person

2. 4 hours Extended Trail (starts at 7am) – RM120/person

3. 8 hours Adventeruous Trail (starts at 7am) – RM180/person

- Non TDA Guests add RM 15, RM 40 and RM 50 to the above
- If unfortunately you are not staying with us, we can still pick you up and take you to our place

Jungle survival course

A course designed to teach all participants the arts and skills of survival, with a jungle emphasis. In this modern day and age there is no telling when a person may have to rely upon survival skills, it could be in an urban environment, temperate forest, jungle or even at sea. Let our instructor take you through the basics of survival, teaching you the necessary skills you will need to survive, skills that you will also find useful in day to day life too!!

1. Half Day RM110/person non TDA RM150
1. Full Day RM220/person non TDA RM260

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Overnight stay in the jungle

If you want to experience a night in the jungle, we can help you fulfill your dream. We have purchased a beautiful piece of land in the heart of the jungle and are in the process of restoring it too it’s full jungle glory, enhancing it with planting and pathways for ease of movement. You will be hammocking at the site using the hammock frames we have built (not onto trees, as this may damage them) – Walk in for two hours set up camp and cook your own dinner, we shall provide the hammock, cooking gear foraged vegetables.

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