The Rungus Museum

With only an estimated 30,000 population of Rungus left we have set up this museum with the idea of starting to preserve the history of the people of this area. With modern day pressures the people are splintering and heading off away from their heart land in search of work and indeed a modern life , this is all very understandable but with it is going the very people that are the next generation and in heading to ‘greener pastures’ the Rungus are loosing the next generations that can pass on the tradition and culture. The museum is designed to inform guests and Rungus people of these traditions and to help the Rungus people understand where they are from and what they are about .

The museum is free to any Rungus person , with the hope that family heads , grand parents, fathers / mothers might bring their family members here so as to pass down history and traditions. A lot of the artefacts that are on display within the museum are antique and Howard has been collecting these for the past eight years , on display are some of them. Howard has no ambition at all of letting these artefacts disappear from the area he believes that they should always stay in the Rungus Realm. Any donations that you do give shall also help him to buy more from those looking to sell them for one reason or another, thus ensuring that the physical history stays within the area

It is hoped that you might appreciate the work that has gone into the museum and offer a donation so that we can continuously upgrade and improve the museum. A donation box is kept inside the museum for any donations that you may wish to give and we say ‘thank you’ in advance. Rungus Museum is near to Tip of Borneo Kudat Sabah.