New Volunteers House

We have been listening to our customers / volunteers and here are a few pics of where we are at at the end of May 2016. We also have two bedroom for four people , we are always looking for help on different projects and hopefully this will give our volunteers a little privacy if they would like it.

Explore the wanders of Tip of Borneo Kudat Sabah with TDA.


Rungus Museum

Rungus Museum

Having noticed that a lot of the culture of the Rungus people was getting left behind or forgotten we have built this to help preserve the culture , filled with great information and artefacts collected by Howard over the years.


Also serving breakfast from 8am – 10am , guest can relax and have a breakfast , including our famous homemade museli , wilst watching nature pass them by and with the museum a meer five metres away you could grab a coffee and indulge yourselves in the culture of the local Rungus people learning all about thier culture.

The Tip of Borneo is perfect to place the Rungus Museum. Visitors should not be entertained by the nature alone but be able to see the full picture of the place with the local knowledge and all.

New Longhouse in progress

almost there!

We have learnt from our existing Long House , listened to our customers and build this magnificent beauty , built from re-cycled hard wood it is going to last a logn time and is totally and utterly comfortable .


Sunset Music Fest at the Tip of Borneo

This coming June at the 4th there will be a Sunset Music Fest at the Tip of Borneo. So come and embark on a musical journey at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau (Tip Of Borneo), Kudat. Be surrounded with classical favourites and contemporary tunes as the sunsets in the horizon. You won’t want to miss this unique experience at one of Sabah’s most breathtaking locations.

So come and enjoy watching beautiful sunsets while listening to good music !

Educating Locals

Tampat Do Aman still continues to explore and look to help and educate the local people and beyond and a few interesting thigs have been happening ; We have re roofed and renovated the wildlife education centre , the roof is now a tin one with plastic bottles embedded into it , this so light can penetrate so that no electricity is needed for lighting , we are showcasing this and hoping that some of the locals shall follow suit , thus reducing electricity usage and helping the environment. More projects are planned for the summer for the wildlife education area and then we are looking to open this up for our customers to discover it and our wildlife reserve by themselves … Tampat do Aman….. cooking on gas !

Continuing to help support local causes Tampat Do Aman continues to support local sporting teams and events , recently it sponsored a local football team and tournament , all run by the local Harold Vines . Rugby is also a big part of Howard’s life and he has embarked on starting a rugby team in Kudat , Kudat rugby club has been formed and this weekend he and the reat of the team shall be traveling to Papar to play in the tens down there , the team , sponsored by Tampat Do Aman is hopeful of doing well and Howard hopes to come back in one piece. This weekend also sees Tampat Do Aman sponsoring the veterans catergory for the Kudat Mt bike race and wishes all participants all the very best including it’s good friend and organiser Mohd Hisham

Making a Difference

At the start of May Tampat Do Aman invited SPCA of Kota Kinabalu to come and give a talk to the locals on the importance of looking aftyer thier pets , this after seeing a lot of suffering by the local cat and dog population . The idea was that an “outsider” could help to educate them on the importance of neutering to control the populations , which seem to be getting out of control , 30 + localsturned up to the tampatdoaman sponsored event and it was very well received , as a knock effect Tampatdoaman Kudat-SabahBorneo has plegded RM 1000 to I – paw to come and undertake a catch , neauter and release program , all in an effort to reduce the suffering of the local dog and cat poulation …. Tampatdoaman Kudat-SabahBorneo cooking on gas


New Longhouse

Here we go on a long over due update : Things have been going great and we have been up to a lot , we have been preparing for the buy summer season ahead and are proud to announce that we shall be opening our new long House June 20th , a bird themed long house that we have improved , learning from listening to our customers , a ten room Long House , a great communal area looking over the rice padi field and new shower block and all built very solidly . We shall still be using our “old” long house until early 2017 but then shall knock that down and build some terraced traditional rooms for more comfort for our guests …… Tampat Do Aman ……. cooking on gas and walking the talk

Tip of Borneo

Tampat do Aman is very great-full to present Tip of Borneo. We have two facilities to help you to discover this beautiful coastline.  Our Tip Top restaurant situated at the entrance of the road going to the tip and our Jungle Camp consist of Backpackers Longhous, Small Huts and Private chalets are ready to accommodate you!

Read some fact about Tip of Borneo here.

This dramatic headland is situated in the northern-most tip of BORNEO, the third largest island in the world, after Greenland and New Guinea. It is located in the Kudat Peninsula, about three and a half hours (or 215 kilometres) drive from Kota Kinabalu City.

Simpang Mengayau means ‘lingering junction’ as it is here that the South China Sea lingers and meets the Sulu Seas flowing from the east … Enjoy the stunning view. The sunsets and full moons are just beautiful … The Pulau Kalampunian lighthouse is a reminder of treacherous coastline and past shipwrecks. On the left is the beautiful beach of Pantai Kalampunian.

It’s a lovely easy stroll to the flagpole, the Globe and the rocky outcrop that forms the “Tip of Borneo”.

Article is from

New Year

Happy New Year from Tampat do Aman!

it’s that time of year again !!! We get to take a wee break !! We shall be closed from 12pm on the 22nd of December until the morning of the 28th . I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that you all have a tremendous festive season. The new year looks like bringing us a lot of goodness and I really hope that you all have a ton lined up for you too. Love and best wishes to you all , Howard and the TDA team