Making a Difference

At the start of May Tampat Do Aman invited SPCA of Kota Kinabalu to come and give a talk to the locals on the importance of looking aftyer thier pets , this after seeing a lot of suffering by the local cat and dog population . The idea was that an “outsider” could help to educate them on the importance of neutering to control the populations , which seem to be getting out of control , 30 + localsturned up to the tampatdoaman sponsored event and it was very well received , as a knock effect Tampatdoaman Kudat-SabahBorneo has plegded RM 1000 to I – paw to come and undertake a catch , neauter and release program , all in an effort to reduce the suffering of the local dog and cat poulation …. Tampatdoaman Kudat-SabahBorneo cooking on gas